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English Garden Eccentrics

Just finished a wonderful book about English gardens. It's not your typical English garden material that seems to shout from the rooftop: this is so beautiful, and you should do it in your landscape. No, this book is about your…

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Dahlias for the Masses

Certain plants , whether they like it or not, become part of a wave of popularity. One day nobody grows them, and the next you can't find them in the nursery. That's the case with the dahlia, my favorite flower.…

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Americans Consulted English Garden Writers

I just finished a massive volume on early American gardens, published by the Garden Club of America. The title says it all: The Golden Age of American Gardens: Proud Owners, Private Estates, 1890-1940. The authors Mac Griswold and Eleanor Weller…

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Long History of Selling Plants

We all know that the story of tulips engraves forever in our memory the idea that the power of money can influence what we plant. At that time, the 1630s, people would pay anything for that most precious tulip. It…

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A Talk for Your Group

If you are responsible for a speaker for your group's upcoming meeting, why not consider a talk on Victorian flowers? Recently I drove to the north shore of Boston to give a talk to the North Shore Horticultural Society. The…

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