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Olmsted’s Legacy: His String of Parks

Recently with the help of Zoom I attended a wonderful lecture on Frederick Law Olmsted (1822-1903) by landscape architect Lauren Martin. It got me thinking of Olmsted's genius. He is, as we all know, the country's most signficiant landscape designer…

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Rock Garden

I continue to read the great book English Garden Eccentrics. The main idea is that certain gardeners over the centuries have chosen an usual form of gardening. You might called these people 'eccentrics.' That is prcisely what the author Todd…

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A Caladium Surprise: A Flower

New York nineteenth-century seed company owner James Vick (1812-1882) included a large collection of flowers in his catalog. He also offered some plants, like the caladium, that you grow for its colorful leaves. Vick wrote in his catalog of 1873…

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