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Awestruck 19th Century Horticulturist

Who would think that a horticulturist would be struck one day by the beauty of topiary? Well, it happened to Robert Buist (1804-1880). Buist owned his own plant business in Philadelphia where he sold various kinds of plants, including the…

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April is National Garden Month

Here in the northeast we just had a coat of snow. Gardening up here is far from one's thoughts right now. Nontheless, the National Garden Bureau has proclaimed April the National Garden Month. Perhaps it has to do with planning…

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Vauxhall – an 18th century English Pleasure Garden

Todd Longstaffe-Gowan, in his book English Garden Eccentrics: Three Hundred Years of Extraordinary Groves, Burrowings, Mountains and Menageries, mentions Vauxhall Gardens in London. I had to investigate why these gardens were called 'eccentric.' Perhaps it was the focus of pleasure…

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How Cute the Gnomes

My first experience with fairy gardens came with children’s fairy garden author Tracy Kane. I met her one summer when she participated in the Master Gardeners’ annual garden fest in Brentwood, New Hampshire. Her work with the children that day…

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