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The Lawn Continues to Hold Center Stage for the Homeowner

Our attachment to the lawn continues to this day.

Denise Otis in her book Grounds for Pleasure: Four Centuries of the American Garden wrote: “For a nation that claims to venerate rugged individualism we are curiously convention-bound in the way we usually organize the land around our houses.  East to West, North to South, in cities and suburbs, on isolated farms and ranches we sash our houses with shrubs and lay down rugs of green grass before them.”

Right now I am working on an area on my own lawn that needs a new start.  The Ajuga is gone, and recently I reseeded the area.

It has rained a bit in the past couple of weeks and the nights are cool. Most days are sunny.

All that is ideal weather for renewing a lawn.


The lawn still plays an important role in the home landscape. Photo courtesy of PureLawns

So I guess I am as attached as anyone to that turf outside my house.

Otis wrote: “The authors of American gardening books from McMahon [whose book The American Gardener’s Calendar appeared in 1806] to the present almost invariably begin any discussion of garden design with the lawn.”

How attached are you to your lawn?

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