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Statue of Abigail Adams Unveiled in Quincy’s Downtown Park

A couple of Saturdays ago the spotlight was on Quincy, Mass., home of John and Abigail Adams.

The new city center park callled Hancock Adams Common held a special ceremony to unveil the new statue of Abigail Adams.

The park itself is four years old. This statue adds Abigail to the mix. Wonderful idea.She played a significant role in the beginning of this country. President Truman once said, “Abigail would have made a better president than John Adams.”

The event was packed. [below]

New statue of Abigail Adams, recently unveiled in Quincy’s new downtown park Hancock Adams Common

The statue by world-renowned sculpture Sergey Eylanbekov is a stunning work of art that makes her come trough when you stand in front of the statue. Maybe it is the size, but it is a tribute to Abigail.

[Couretsy of the Quincy Sun]

The New Park

The new three-acre park and plaza that contains the statue has a beautiful water feature as well. The old city hall is still there, as well as the United First Parish Church where both John and Abigail Adams are buried.

Many new plants were included in the park, many surrounding the area where the new statue stands. You can see several varieites of shrubs and perennials, many in their fall colors.

I have requested from the Mayor’s office the list of plantings so I can look at them in more detail.

The park is a wonderful addition to downtown Quincy.

I can see why visitors to the city flock to this new Hancock Adams Common. The small park contains so much history and is a real tribute to the city of Quincy.

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