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Who Doesn’t Like Allium?

Wherever I look I see pictures or at least a mention of allium.

I guess because Fall will be here soon and that’s the time you plant allium.

Last week English writer and horticulturist Graham Rice mentioned on Twitter the prize-winning allium called ‘Lavender Bubbles’. [below]

Allium ‘Lavender Bubbles’

He wrote, “Allium ‘Lavender Bubbles’ is a neat, prolific and exceptionally frost hardy perennial that won Best in Show at this year’s National Plant Awards.

” More on my RHS New Plants blog at”

Nineteenth Century Friends and Foes of the Allium

In the nineteenth century there were some English influentials who hated the allium.

The famous garden writer William Robinson (1838-19350, wrote in his book The English Flower Garden:

“Liliaceous bulbs not often of value for the garden, and with a strong odor when crushed.”

On the other hand, according to Brent Elliott’s Flora, in the mid-nineteenth century Jane Loudon recommended the allium.

He says, “She considered it essential for the bulb garden, listing seven species.”

So Many Varieties

Recently the new catalog for White Flower Farm arrived in the mail.

Inside you will see the sixteen varieties of allium White Flower offers.

So I guess that there are still a lot of gardeners out there who like this beautiful little spring flower.

Public Garden in Rhode Island

I remember visiting the wonderful garden at Blithewold in Bristol, Rhode Island one spring day.

There were dozens of allium varieties in bloom, filling a field with their purple/blue color.

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