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What makes a garden a cottage garden?

Did you ever wonder what the elements of a cottage garden are?

On second thought, think about this. You might get as many answers as people you ask.

Famous garden writers like Christopher Lloyd have written books on the subject. The title of his book is simply The Cottage Garden. [below]

Imagine that you intended to install a cottage garden at your home.

What do you think are the two most important elements of a cottage garden?

Plantings inside the front entrance gated area. They are mostly flowers, that are close to one another and fill every inch of space. Plants may be perennials and annuals, or a combination.

Here is an image of such a garden. [Thanks to Heirloom Roses.]

A cottage garden, according to Heirloom Roses. They call it a ‘Rose Landscape’ because the central flower is the rose.

You could have your own Cottage Garden.

In a cottage garden many plants fill a small space, outside your front door, like this b/w drawing. A fence borders the area to give structure to the garden.

Roses, according to P. H. Ditchfield’s book Picturesque English Cottages and their Doorway Gardens, dated 1905, are the most important flower for a cottage garden. He writes of English cottage gardens, and says, “Roses are the chief glory of the garden, whether they be large or small.”

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