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Update on the Book

Publishing a book during a pandemic has several unique differences from earlier times.

One is that everyone in the publisher’s office is probably working from home.

Another is that it seems to take longer for decisions to be made.

That appears to be the case with my new book All about Flowers: James Vick’s Nineteenth-Century Seed Company.

I want to give you an update on the book.

Ohio University Press, 2001

The publisher just informed me that the publication date has now changed to the end of April.

The original publication date was late September, then January, and now April.

But what can I do?

I am writing about it here because the publication of this book is an important event for me, following several years of research and writing.

Talks on the Book

I plan to give a few talks about the book.

Today is the first such talk to the Garden Club of Harvard in Harvard, Massachusetts. Of course I will use Zoom. After several weeks writing, editing, and choosing the right image, my slides ‘are ready for their close-up’, i.e. for Screen Share.

I have also been offered some other opportunities to speak about the book on Zoom during the coming year.

Book Launch

I will probably have the launch of the book on Zoom as well.

The format is still undecided but there will be a host for the event. Not sure if a bookstore or another venue will sponsor it.


Meanwhile I continue to edit the manuscript. The publisher sends me chapters in an email, I edit them, and return them via email. Pretty efficient.

Do keep tuned.

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  1. Hello! I am really impressed with the content on your blog. This book seems amazing and I think it could solve most of my problems with plants. By the way, I wanted to ask you how do you prevent your plants from rodents? Last year I have bought a beautiful, really big bulbs on mostly of Lilies and anemones, but not many of them had a possibility to bloom as they were eaten. What are your ways to prevent plants from it?

    1. Hello, I must say I have not had any problems with rodents in my garden so I cannot recommend anything particular for that problem.
      Hold off – I do have issues with deer. For that I used a natural product called Deer Scram which I bought on Amazon. It worked without any issues. I highly recommend that.
      Thank you for connecting on my blog

  2. Is it possible to join the Garden Club of Harvard zoom meeting? If not, will you be doing any other talks that the general public may view? Looking forward to the release of the book and sorry for the frustration it is causing with the delay.

    1. Michael, sorry but it was not possible to join the Harvard Garden Club meeting. I am in the process of setting up several other Zoom meetings to talk about the book. Stay tuned. Thanks.

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