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Today Is a Day to Celebrate: You Are Reading Blog Post Number 500

This blog began in August of 2010. My goal was to reach out to build an audience for my book, America’s Romance with the English Garden.

The book, however, did not appear until May of 2013, almost three years later.  Many reasons account for that delay, including the search for a publisher.

Today’s post tops the total number for this blog at five hundred.

In researching how to write a blog I heard so many stories about how ninety percent of blogs never succeed because the author cannot keep up with the writing. That seemed scary to me.

At the start of this blog I made a goal to post twice a week, Monday and Thursday. So twice a week a new post has found its way here. The topic relates to whatever I am reading at the time. Since my reading interests hinge on garden and landscape history, advertising, and cultural studies, the topic of an individual blog post usually arises from one of those areas.

A year into the blog the web hosting service crashed and all the posts were lost. We had to rebuild the blog. At the same time all the names of people who had signed up for the blog in the first year were lost. That was a difficult time.  Today we have a backup system for everything that appears on the blog.

Nothing in the blog format and content has really changed since I started except that I now make the headline a sentence, rather than simply a phrase.

The illustrations have included lithographs, drawings, black and white engravings from the old seed and nursery catalogs, old advertising, book covers, and, of course, photographs of gardens that I have visited.

I want to thank you for reading the posts. You are why I continue with this blog. I appreciate your support.

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  1. Happy 500th post…I have been blogging just as long and do not have near as many posts…that is a lot of writing and dedication…I blog once a week on Monday and recently started a second blog where I post twice a week…but I wouldn’t give it u for anything. Glad I found your blog this year.

    1. Donna, thank you so much for your good wishes. Keep up the schedule for blogging. You are quite ambitious to start up another blog. I wish you the best.

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