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This is the Time to Plant Dahlia Tubers

Though the dahlia is one of the easiest plants to grow, its best feature is that you have flowers until almost Thanksgiving. All you need to do is make sure you find quality dahlia tubers.

Here is your chance.

The Rhode Island Dahlia Society will host its annual Dahlia Plant Sale next week. Former President and Board Member of RIDS Donna Lane says, “”To get the best selection, come early.” The sale begins at 1 p.m.

The dahlia tubers, or plant roots, as well as small plants, which will be for sale, come from the list of known varieties of classified dahlias that gardeners everywhere grow. The members of the RIDS provide many of the tubers and plants from their own gardens for this sale. Representative varieties of the nineteen different forms of dahlias in an array of colors will be available.

Dahlia 'Sunburst Nelson' growing in my garden in late summer
Dahlia ‘Sunburst Nelson’ growing in my garden in late summer

This is an opportunity to buy tubers that will be healthy and will grow for you. If right now you search box stores or chain grocery stores for dahlias, often you see dried up tubers in packages of three or four. They certainly do not look like something you would want to plant in your garden.

The dahlia, though not a winter hardy plant here in New England, thrives in all types of soil. The size of the tuber does not determine the size of the plant or the flower. Dahlias prefer full sun to partial shade. The size of flower can be as large as ten inches across, or as small as four inches. The colors include red, pink, yellow, white, purple, orange, and sometimes a mixture of some of these colors.

Dahlias provide color in the garden with flowers that never stop blooming. Land says, “I like dahlia flowers for arranging.” Often she will give a bouquet of dahlias as a gift.

An added feature at the sale will be the ‘grab bag’, which will include five or ten tubers. You won’t know the variety till you grow the plant. These are also from members but somehow the labels for these tubers came off or were misplaced.

Current RIDS President Jackie LaFramboise says, “People realize a bargain when they come to the Rhode Island Dahlia Sale.” Therefore remember to come early for the best selection.

The sale will be Sunday, May 4, from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. at the Cold Spring Community Center, Beach Street, North Kingstown (Wickford), Rhode Island.

See you there.


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  1. I just bought one flower from a nursery, can I plant it outside this time of year? I am very new to this as I have never planted anything before.

    1. Hello David, yes this is a good time to plant the tuber. If you have a plant with a flower blooming already, I might wait a few miore days for the temperature to be warmer on a consistent basis. That plant needs warm soil but a tuber by itself can go in the ground now, at least here in the Northeast. Good luck.

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