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Rough Road for American Horticulture

I love to read old garden magazines. You learn a lot about the growth of the garden inustry but also how horticulture developed. Americans were once considered unable to handle the difficultires embroiled in horticulture. Of course, it was the…

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Goddess Flora Protects Flowers

Goddess Flora protects flowers. Recently I saw the film Wonder Woman.  The superhero's name was Diana Prince, or rather Princess Diana, daughter of Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons. I loved this fantasy movie built on a comic book heroine. I saw some…

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Boston Flower Show Honors Capability Brown

Boston Flower Show honors Capability Brown. Last week the Boston Flower and Garden Show honored England's eighteenth century gardener to the King, Lancelot Capability Brown. For months Brown has been in the news quite a bit because 2016 was his three…

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Loudon Befriended Early American Seedsman

Loudon befriended early American seedsman. Writer and horticulturist John Claudius Loudon (1783-1843) influenced the development of the English garden during the first half of the nineteenth century. He is sometimes referred to as the 'father of the English garden.' Loudon…

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