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Dahlias by the Sea

Gloucester is on the north shore and home to a statue called A Woman and Two Children. The statue represents the fears of the wives and children of the fishermen who leave Gloucester every day in search of fish. Last…

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Empress Josephine Introduced Dahlias

Empress Josephine introduced dahlias. It is spring and time to think about planting dahlia tubers. Down in my basement I have containers of dahlias that I stored there right after last Thanksgiving. They now sit, wrapped in newspapers, in large…

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London’s Holland House Introduced Dahlias

London’s Holland House Introduced Dahlias A late eighteenth century painting of dahlias in England indicates the plant, native to Mexico, had already appeared in the country. It would take a couple of decades, however, to assume its popularity among gardeners everywhere.…

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Dahlias Still Enchant Gardeners

Dahlias still enchant gardeners. I love dahlias. What can I say? But then gardeners have loved this plant since it was first introduced from Mexico into Europe in the eighteenth century. We treasured them so much that both in England…

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