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Structures in the 18th Century English Garden

The picturesque English garden style of the eighteenth century included garden structures, like temples, ruins, obelisks, and  classical seats.

S. Lang wrote an essay called  ”Genesis of the Landscape Garden” in the book The Picturesque Garden and its Influence outside the British Isles, edited by Nicolaus Pevsner.  Lang said, “A number of gardens in the first quarter of the eighteenth century have in common one feature that has always been considered an integral characteristic of the landscape Garden, namely, the very profuse presence of garden structures.”  She then mentioned Stowe.

[The Temple of Concord and Victory, part of the landscape garden at Stowe.]



The Temple of Concord and Victory  at Stowe was one of the structures that took me by surprise on my visit last year.  My photo appears here.  I was amazed at its size.

Part of the picturesque design was the element of the unexpected as the garden visitor strolled the property.

And so I was shocked to see the structure. Just what the designers intended.

The structures represented the English love of antiquities, Roman and Greek.


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