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Recent Nursery Trade Show Surprised Me

The northeast annual trade show for the green industry called New England Grows holds a special place in my gardening life.

I look forward to this Boston event each year.  A couple of weeeks ago this year’s show took place during the mildest weather in the fifteen years I have been attending: high temperatures and no snow. I loved it.

As I walked the aisles of vendors selling garden products and services, I came upon the Netherland Bulb Company.

The company offers bulbs, including dahlias, under a special branding called the Biltmore Collection.

The bulbs with the Biltmore image on the box.

What struck me when I first saw the image on the colorful box was the landscape of the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina.

Frederick Law Olmsted designed the Biltmore landscape in keeping with his preference for the English picturesque view of extensive lawn and carefully placed trees and shrubs.

We still love that image, because there it is on the cover of the package of bulbs.

That English garden style has an attractiion that persists.  It motivates us in gardening and landscape, and in this case, at least the company hopes, in buying new plants for the garden.

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