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Why the Hatred for Geraniums?

Yesterday I participated in a Zoom session on Container Gardening. It was very informative. But what I heard about geraniums was a surprise. People hate geraniums. Yet they were the Number One flower for the garden in the nineteenth century.…

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Inspiration behind this Blog

It does not seem possible that I have written 984 posts on this blog since its launch September 9, 2010. But that is the case. Here is a press release I wrote about the origin of this blog at that…

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Selling Tulips

History tell us that the flower garden as we know it did not appear until the later part of the seventeenth century. That meant that people, especially the English, began to collect flowers to display them in the landscape. Brent…

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Missing My Garden

It has been a long time, over two years, since I worked in my garden. We sold our house, and, of course the garden as well in September of 2020. What is it I miss? The many trips outside to…

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A Victorian Christmas Tree

It's that time of year again. Time to welcome the Holidays. I hope the Holidays provide you a sense of an all-embracing tradition of understanding and love. May the Holiday tree inspire you to see the best in each and…

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