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Art of Gardening Began in England

We know we love certain plants more than others in the garden. Did you ever wonder where the idea of 'garden' came from? Someone had to create it. We know that for centuries cultures relied on herbs for both cooking…

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Iris – Poor Man’s Orchid

Noel Kingsbury in his splendid encyclopedia [I call it that!] of plants Garden Flora has several pages devoted to the Iris. He says, "Iris growing is largely a connoisseur's hobby, although in the appropriate climate, a group that requires much…

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American Plants Grown in English Gardens

Since the seventeenth century, American plants have formed part of the English garden. American gardeners however preferred exotic plants, rather than native varieties, well into the end of the nineteenth century. Philadelphia nurseryman Thomas Meehan in his magazine Gardener's Monthly of…

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Columbine, Long a Garden Favorite

Do you ever wonder where your favorite garden flowers came from? Each of the plants that inhabit the garden has a history. The story of how it arrived in our gardens is dependent on botany, but also economics and geography.…

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