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Hosta Grows in Granite

This past week the gospel reading at Sunday Mass included instructions known to every gardener. The story Jesus told was that without adequate soil a seed will not flourish. Jesus said, "A farmer went out to sow his seed.  " Some…

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Victorians Teasured Colorful Flowers

Victorians believed that colorful flowers needed to fill the garden all summer. In his book The Garden in Victorian Literature Michael Waters writes, "The massing of plants in showy color schemes grew rapidly in popularity." Waters provides three reasons for…

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Repton Brought Back Flower Gardens

We know in the modern English landscape garden dating from the early eighteenth century the extensive lawn took center stage. Flower gardens were there, but not emphasized until serious plant collecting from around the world emerged, as well as the…

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Resist Colonial Attitude toward Plants

Last week I came across an amazing new article entitled "It's time to decolonise botanical collections." The author Alexandre Antonelli is the Director of Science at Kew, England's Royal Botanic Gardens. The main idea of the article is that plants…

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