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The Elizabethan Garden

Nichols says in her book English Pleasure Gardens: “The fruitful age of Queen Elizabeth [who was the monarch from 1558 to 1603] brought both the planning and the planting of the loveliest English gardens very nearly to perfection.” What does she…

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Knot gardens as rows of trimmed hedges like yew or boxwood were popular in the Elizabethan garden, according to Nichols’ English Pleasure Gardens, which I am still reading. It is the topiary style, where the plant is trimmed in such a way…

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The dahlia is my favorite flower. Here is the dahlia called 'Bishop of Llandaff' in a container in my garden. The flower of the dahlia plant has amazed American gardeners with its color and form, and ease of growing, for…

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Grottos, as at Stourhead

Rose Standish Nichols writes in her 1902 book English Pleasure Gardens, just reissued: “Grottoes or artificial caves [in the gardens of early Rome] cooled by streams of fresh water served as musea, or thinking-places for  philosophers, where they could meditate in…

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