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First American Grand Lawn: Middleton, SC

First American Grand Lawn: Middleton, SC Today at Middleton, South Carolina [below] you can still see the 18th century lawn that extends down to the water's edge. American colonists adopted the formal English landscape design for both the wealthy,educated homeowner…

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English Garden on Cape Cod

The English garden at St. Mary's Church is a Cape Cod tourist destination. Perhaps it was the fact that the Pope spent a few days recently  in England that made me think of this summer when I visited St. Mary’s Episcopal…

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English Maze at Maine Children’s Garden

This summer the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens opened its Children’s Garden, a 2-acre $1.7 million garden, in the planning for several years.  Special features include a maze that is ground level, and based on Veronica’s Maze, a 16th century embroidery featured on…

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