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Lawn Became Essential for a Home

James Vick's seed catalog of the 1870s from Rochester, NY sold the lawn mower, which, of course, assumed the importance of the lawn. Rose Standish Nichols says in her book English Pleasure Gardens that the lawn was beginning to take a…

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English Garden during the Stuarts

Rose Standish Nichols in her book English Pleasure Gardens moves into the next period of the English garden, the Stuarts (1603-1714).  She writes: “In the days of the Stuarts the Elizabethan gardens underwent certain modifications according to the predominance of French,…

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Plant Collecting in England and America

Plant collecting reached a level in England in the early 18th century that it had never had before because of the shipping industry.  Plants could be gather from remote countries like America, shipped across the sea, and planted in an English…

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The Elizabethan Garden

Nichols says in her book English Pleasure Gardens: “The fruitful age of Queen Elizabeth [who was the monarch from 1558 to 1603] brought both the planning and the planting of the loveliest English gardens very nearly to perfection.” What does she…

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