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Landscape in 1865

In 1865 Boston financier and horticulturalist Horatio H. Hunnewell (1810 -1902) gave $2000 to the Massachusetts Horticulture Society  to encourage the art of landscape gardening. [left: The Hunnewell Pinetum, a collection of evergreens, still stands today as a symbol of early…

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Garden as Play

[left:A child appears in the garden in this 1891 catalog from the B.A. Elliott Seed Company.]  I have come to the end of Morris Brownell’s book on poet Alexander Pope Alexander Pope and the Arts of Georgian England.  What struck me…

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Alexander Pope and the American Garden

[left: The Shell Temple in Pope's Garden at Twickenham. By William Kent c. 1725-30]  Landscape designer Ian Robertson once gave a talk at the annual spring seminar that Colonial Williamsburg sponsors. His theme was the English influence on gardens in America. One…

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The Palladium Bridge at Stourhead

[left: Stourhead's Palladium Bridge, built in 1762]  Last year on my visit to England’s Stourhead, laid out between 1740 and 1764,  I was amazed at the surprises awaiting me as I walked along the pathway from the house.  Earlier the…

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