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Nineteenth Century American Writer Considered English Garden Superior

I continue to highlight material that I come across in reading.  Now that summer is definitely here, reading often provides both leisure and research for me.

Buffalo landscape designer Elias Long wrote a book in 1884 called  Ornamental Gardening for Americans: A Treatise on Beautifying Homes, Rural Districts, Towns and Cemeteries.

He wrote: “The English possess a much greater love for, and knowledge of, everything

An English garden on a recent garden tour in Newburyport, Mass. illustrates how we still love the English garden.

pertaining to gardening than do Americans.”

I am amazed at how long ago he wrote those words and how much American gardeners today still seem to agree with him.

Recently I took part in a garden tour in Newburyport, Mass. sponsored by the Historical Society of Old Newbury.  I enjoyed the tour, held on a gorgeous Saturday summer afternoon.

The photo [above] of a garden the owner called her  ‘English garden’ came from the tour.

She also had on display for visitors the English garden books that inspired her garden.

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