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Missing My Garden

It has been a long time, over two years, since I worked in my garden.

We sold our house, and, of course the garden as well in September of 2020.

What is it I miss?

The many trips outside to see what came up, what died, and what was new in the garden.

Though we had only three quarters of an acre, it was a lot to maintain.

I know that intellectually, but the experience of loss is emotional.

How I loved checking out the perennial garden in the front. [below]

Photo courtesy of Rich Beauchesne/Seacoastonline

What I remember of the garden is its diversity of ongoing projects. Perhaps a new perennial bed, or a new section of dahlias, or a plant gift from a neighbor – any of these could draw my attention and entice me to check it out.

Today I garden on the balcony, outside our condominium.

Though we are limited to shade loving plants, it is fun and I am growing into it, ever in search of new plant varieties for the containers out there.

I wish you a Happy New Year!

Our former house and garden in Rye, New Hampshire.

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  1. Hi Thomas, I can imagine you do miss a lot about your former garden. We have gone through a period of rebuilding, and were in an apartment with a balcony for 5 years, during which our former home and garden were demolished and a new house built, with a garden I am starting from scratch. In some ways, I miss my balcony, because although I could not grow nearly as much there, what I did have was greatly appreciated and the balcony itself provided interesting views and since we often had our coffee on the balcony, more relaxation among the flowers than when I had an actual garden. Occasionally, a hummingbird made it up there to the third floor. Luckily the mosquitoes rarely did.

    1. Hi Laura, thanks for sharing your story of balcony gardening. There is, you’re right, a certain pleasure in the challenge that the balcony presents for gardening, but I can work with that. It has given moments of wonder and happiness. For that I am grateful.

    1. Charlotte, thank you for your kind thoughts.
      I was not able to save too much since we are in a condo, with a balcony, and I feared bringing seeds and plants. Also, the sun comes at 4 pm for about an hour or two. I have challenges there for sure. I am still learning what works.
      But I am enjoying the limited gardening that I have, I must say.

  2. Your gardens were beautiful and what a sweet memory to have—especially in the middle of winter. I often think of life transitions as being similar to repotting plants. Like the plant that has outgrown the pot, we need to let go and head toward the next place that will nurture and support us. In your new place, your shade plants are likely thriving under your watchful eye and tender care!

    1. Karen, thank you for your kind thoughts. I appreciate it. Once you are a gardener, you see the world differently, you see nature differently. My view therefore is evolving as I address something like the balcony containers in shade.
      Have a great day!

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