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Learning about Gardening Never Stops

Gardeners experience new things all the time when in the garden.

A shrub that I planted twenty years ago called Kerria Japonica ‘Picta” has appeared faithfully every spring.  This year it  did not survive the winter. I was so surprised.

Nineteenth century Philadelphia nurseryman Thomas Meehan wrote in his magazine Gardener’s Monthly of  1881: Gardener's Monthly cover 1883“Gardening does not merely consist in having a piece of ground with some grass, some trees, and some flowers; but it means a study of these things so as to get the most pleasure from the materials at command. The study of gardening should be like the study of any other art.”

Recently I have become part of a community of online gardeners. I am learning there as well.

I wrote there online that this spring I saw more hosta seedlings than I have seen for a long time.

We gardeners continue to learn both in the garden and in reading.

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