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Heritage Museums and Gardens Showcase a Shrubbery

On a recent trip to Heritage Museums and Gardens on Cape Cod in the town of Sandwich, Massachusetts I noticed in the garden a row of heavily pruned evergreens.

What came to my mind was the idea of a shrubbery, in this case,  referred to as a collection of well-clipped shrubs.

In the book Keywords in American Landscape Design we read “By the 1840s, shrubbery had developed as a distinct garden feature defined by graduated, intermixed vegetation; placement along walks, roads, flower gardens, and lawns.”

This example of shrubbery on the lawn fits that definition.

Heveily pruned hedges at Hertiage Museums and Gadens
Closely pruned shrubs at Hertitage Museums and Gardens

These shrubs at Heritage offer a display on the lawn.

The lawn certainly is highlighted, but the evergreens stand out as well in their well clipped style as a year-round effect.

In the English garden shrubbery is distinguished from the flower garden and the pleasure ground.

When we group shrubs together in a pleasing design like this at Heritage, we create such a shrubbery.

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