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Exhibits Awarded at Tropical Plant Show in Florida

Exhibits awarded at Tropical Plant Show in Florida

Recently through the kindness of the Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association, I attended the Foliage Plant Industry Exhibition in Fort Lauderdale.

Exhibitions offer people like nursery owners and growers, and also garden writers, a chance to see what is new from the green industry, and take in the exhibits at the Show.

Plant Exhibitions have long been a tradition in the garden industry.

At the 50th anniversary of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society on September 12, 1879 Boston horticulturist Marshall Wilder (1798-1886) said, “Hothouse orchids were hardly known here half a century ago; yet at almost every exhibition now they surprise and delight us by some new and wonderful form, or gorgeous color.”

Wilder credited the Exhibitions with their ability to showcase new plants.

At the FPIE in Florida two exhibits received awards worth mentioning here.

For its exhibit centered on the theme of the board game Monopoly the United Nursery  won the top award. Dozens of hibiscus plants lined the edge of the game. [below] Hibiscus continues as the major seller for this and many other Florida growers. 

Monopoly set the theme for this exhibit of Hibiscus plants
Monopoly set the theme for the United Nursery Exhibit of Hibiscus plants

Another grower the J. Berry Nursery from Texas won an award for its city view. When you stand in front of the Exhibit, you are looking at the view of skyscrapers from a rooftop garden.

Again a row of hibiscus, here in gray planters, set the stage for the scene. [below]


Skyscrapers form the background for this exhibit
Skyscrapers form the background for this J. Berry Nursery Exhibit

It was fun to see what growers are offering, but also I enjoyed the chance to take in some award-winning design ideas by some of the growers.


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  1. I would like to grow Yerba mate like it can be seen on the last photo in the post 🙂

    For now it is just an idea, hopefully in near future will come true 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by our booth, we sincerely appreciate your time and are so honored to be included in your blog! We are looking forward to staying in touch as our new varieties are released! Thank you!!

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