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Design Your Garden with Ease with Garden Designer for the iPad

Designing a garden is never an easy task, and sometimes, you have all these ideas but can’t quite put them together in your head.

Creating a garden plan can be quite difficult, especially if you haven’t got an artistic bone in your body and can’t draw a plan to save your life.

Luckily, the developers at Artifact Interactive have come up with a great solution: an app called Garden Designer, which lets you create garden plans right on your iPad.

The app comes as an adaptation of the top-selling desktop app Garden Planner.

Recognizing that the industry is now gearing towards mobile more than anything else, with Gaming Realms, creators of Spin Genie, saying that global smartphone and tablet installed bases were set to exceed PC installed bases by this year, developers Artifact Interactive adapted their successful desktop app to work perfectly on mobile devices. It has the same functionalities: over 600 unique objects that you can use to design your garden, from shrubs to fences and patios, along with the ease of customization that users of Garden Planner have come to love.

Garden Designer is a great go-to app for beginners in garden planning and design, but those who are looking for a more comprehensive tool will want to try something else. 

For an app that doesn’t quite help you make plans but shows you how your plans will play out in your existing garden, check out Prelimb, an app that uses augmented reality to show how your plans will look.


What features are you looking for in an app for garden design? Do you use any other apps to help you create initial plans for the garden, or do you just go ahead and implement them to see what works?

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