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Dahlias by the Sea

Gloucester is on the north shore and home to a statue called A Woman and Two Children.

The statue represents the fears of the wives and children of the fishermen who leave Gloucester every day in search of fish.

Last week I took a ride to this town on the water.

Statue on Tracy Blvd. in Gloucester

I was in search of the dahlias that people had told me about, right on the water along Stacy Boulevard.

I found the mother looking out to sea. It is a strong statement about the many years that Gloucester has supplied fish to so many.

Seven hundred dahlias are in bloom in long beds on either side of the statue.


Generous Gardeners is the name of the group of volunteers who maintains the garden.

The volunteer non-profit group of gardeners also plants the garden along the Boulevard.

While walking along the low wall, you also see other flowers mixed in with the many dahlias.

I saw old fashioned cockscomb, zinnias, petunias, daylilies and even some dianthus as well

It was well worth the visit.

The dozens of dahlias just take your breath away.

Special Dahlia

Plants Map, a source for finding a particular plant, collection and even events, listed the dahlia ‘El Sol’ on its website.

This dahlia is a golden orange dinner plate size, and orignally introduced by Generous Gardeners ten years ago.

Here it is:

Dahlia ‘El Sol’
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