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Commercialization of the Garden

Now is the time you see lots of advertising for plants and gardening. It is, after all, that glorious season of spring.

When an ad, however, for gardening appears whether in print, on television, or social media, it sells more than seeds and plants.

Look at this precious view of a garden. [below]. It is an image from an ad.

You see a flowerbed on a perfect lawn, along with plantings that surround the house. Everything looks perfect.

The image of garden as portrayed in the media is unreachable.

Receantly landscaper designer Christine Dustman prsented a lecture on garden design on Zoom. Her audience was mainly the Massachusetts Master Gardeners.

The image is telling you that “You too could have a garden like this.”

Dustman said, “Media images promise you so much.”

She said, “The commercialization of gardens and gardening has led to a misunderstanding about garden and outdoor landscape features.”

The garden has its own pace on how it will grow.

We simply facilitate that coming to be. We plant the seed, nurture it, and hope to enjoy its fruit or flower. But sometimes it doesn’t work like we would like it to work.

Many things we would like in the garden won’t work for a number of reasons. The garden has its limitations, like all of us.

The garden media seem to say ‘all is possible’ when we know it isn’t.

Dustman told us to accept the garden as it is not as we would like it to be because we will be disappointed.

Sound true?

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