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Crockett’s Compost Bin Works Well

Crockett’s compost bin works well –

A few days ago the Boston Globe featured an editorial called “Time to embrace composting. No, really.

The message struck me in a somewhat personal way since I just had my compost bin rebuilt.

The final words in the title made me see the importance the writer attempted to give this message.

The world is full of too much garbage. Where possible, we need to recycle it as compost.

I have had a compost bin in the backyard, behind the shed, for almost twenty years.

The old one was decaying, and the wood no longer held together.

Three compartments make up the bin. One is full of the newest material that I add right now; the second is material from last year decaying so I can use it next year; and the third is the ready compost which I can use right now for any need in the garden. Next summer I just rotate each of them.

In having it built I followed the design of the drawings and photos from the original design that appeared in Crockett’s Victory Garden published in 1977.

That is where I first saw this version of a compost bin. Some have called it “the Cadillac of compost bins.’

It is easy to use and offers plenty of space.

This photo of my old compost bin illustrates how I desperately needed a new one. This is the bin just a few days ago:

My old compost bin has certainly seen better days.

Here is a photo of the new version which I just had built this week:

My new bin ready for making that ‘black gold’ called compost.

Gardeners and Compost

Gardeners have long seen the value of compost, even for a lawn.

Rochester, NY seed company owner James Vick (1818-1882) saw the value of compost in putting in a lawn.

He wrote in his magazine Vick’s Illustrated Monthly in 1879 how a new lawn, installed in the spring, needs a bit of compost. He said: “Compost should be spread evenly over the surface and raked in.”


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  1. Here we are three and a half years later and the Boston Globe’s editorial still rings true. The sad thing is very few people have embraced composting, recycling, or even gardening. People are caught up in their busy lives and just don’t have the time. The convenience and disposability of modern day practices doesn’t incentivize people in to action. The “It isn’t my problem!” attitude still prevails and until something drastic happens, I am sad to say, change will not happen. I really enjoyed your post. Every year about this time I search out Crockett’s Victory Garden, hopping to find the show being streamed. (Which is how I stumbled on to your website!) Jim Crockett and the other hosts involved instilled in me a love of gardening. Due to the nature of my job, I travel every week, I cannot have a garden. I am trying though and every year I make progress. Maybe this season I can start composting.

  2. Nice to see photos from your own garden in this post. Your compost bin really can be called a Cadillac of bins! Hope you are well, Best, -Beth

    1. Hello Beth, thanks for the thought. I appreciate it.
      I cannot believe I had the old compost bin for twenty years in that same spot. It served me well. I hope this new version does the same for the next few years.

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