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When Annuals Lost Their Appeal

When annuals lost their appeal - From the mid nineteenth century England encouraged gardening with beds of annuals. The arrival of glorious summer plants from warmer climates like Africa, Asia, and South America had encouraged that fashion. In the 1870s however…

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Plant Hunter Humboldt Became Early Environmentalist

Plant Hunter Humboldt Became Early Environmentalist In reading garden history books, both old and new, I often came across the name Alexander Von Humboldt (1769-1859). He was a nineteenth century German plant hunter, explorer, and scientist. Humboldt became an early environmentalist.…

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White House Featured Newest Garden Fashion

White House featured newest garden fashion. Fashion drives much of the commercial world with gardening a prime example. People want the newest tomato, the latest dahlia hybrid, and the popular shrub that everyone says is easy to maintain. The White…

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