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Defining the English Garden

Defining the English garden The sweeping lawn of the English landscape garden developed in the  eighteenth century under the inspiration of gardener to the King Lancelot Capability Brown (1716-1783). Tim Richardson writes in his book The Arcadian Friends: Inventing the English…

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Public Relations Campaign Attacks Clover

Public relations campaign attacks clover. The lawn has been a part of the home landscape since the eighteenth century. Presidents George Washington and Thomas Jefferson both treasured the English lawn, the inspiration for all lawns American. Clover, the tiny four leafed…

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Victorian Home Landscape Required Lawn

Victorian home landscape required lawn. The lawn became an important part of the American home landscape in the nineteenth century. The seed and nursery catalogs often featured a lawn in illustrations and offered the best method of laying out and…

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Today Homeowners Face Two Lawn Options

Today homeowners face two lawn options. Last year we celebrated the three hundredth birthday of the eighteenth century English landscape gardener Lancelot Capability Brown (1716-1783). There were events throughout the year in his honor in various locations throughout England, including several at the…

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Verbena Essential Victorian Flower

Verbena essential Victorian flower. What is good about annuals is that they continue to bloom until the Fall, or even til the first frost. Rochester, New York seedsman James Vick (1818-1882) defined them as "those plants that live but one season."…

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