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Thinking about the Lawn

It's that time of year to think about what needs to be done with lawn problems. The lawn has long been a favorite here in the US. But we derive that love with the lawn from the English, who from…

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Rethink the Lawn

The lawn is a gift of the English garden tradition from the eighteenth century. Early America loved the lawn. Philadelphia horticulturist and writer Thomas Meahan praised the lawn in the 1861 edition of his garden magazine, Gardener's Monthly. He wrote,…

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Allegiance to the Lawn

It is that time of year when homeowners once again stress out about the lawn. Are you one of them? You ask yourself 'What do I need to do for my lawn?' and ' When do I do it?' We…

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Leaving My Garden after 33 Years

The last couple of weeks have provided me with all sorts of feelings. We are selling our New England house after thirty-three years. The land around our house, three quarers of an acre, has been my garden and has taught…

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