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Grottos, as at Stourhead

Rose Standish Nichols writes in her 1902 book English Pleasure Gardens, just reissued: “Grottoes or artificial caves [in the gardens of early Rome] cooled by streams of fresh water served as musea, or thinking-places for  philosophers, where they could meditate in…

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Queen Anne’s Lace

Right now you might see it along an expressway entrance, bordering a parking lot, in a field, or perhaps in your own garden. This seems to be a great year for the plant called Queen Anne’s Lace. It is everywhere.…

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Annuals in Hartford

In mid June Elizabeth Park in Hartford, Connecticut, the oldest municipal rose garden in the country, begun in 1904, celebrated its rose weekend.  Though by then some of the roses had gone, the garden impressed me as an example of…

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