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Victorian Garden Book

Victorian garden book - Last week I attended a meeting of the New England Hosta Society, a group I joined many years ago. The meeting included a wonderful speaker who owns a local nursery. The highlight of the meeting, however,…

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Empress Josephine’s Dahlia Gift

Empress Josephine's dahlia gift I first came across the name Aime Bonpland, the nineteenth century French botanist, while I was researching the history of growing and selling dahlias. Bonpland (1773-1858) became the head gardener for Empress Josephine for ten years at her…

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Exploring Early Dahlia History

Exploring early dahlia history Since I am interested in how we came to garden with dahlias, I set on a journey to study dahlia history. Dahlias came from Mexico's Aztec nation. According to Martin Kral's article "Of Dahlia Myths and…

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Cottage Gardens Finally Recognized

Cottage gardens finally recognized. Everybody loves the cottage garden. It holds a mystique of a garden, limited in space, but with plants galore, mostly flowers. There were cottage gardens in England for centuries.  If you define the term as the…

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