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Japanese Knotweed Jumped the Wall

Did you know that Japanese knotweed jumped the wall? During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries English gardeners hosted exotics. They took great satisfaction in growing plants that flooded the country from Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Plant hunters then searched…

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Two Typical Victorian Flowers

Everyone can easily list two important Victorian flowers. In his book The Victorian Flower Garden garden historian Geoffrey Taylor hesitates not one moment and presents his two typical Victorian flowers. He writes, "The hollyhock and the scarlet geranium are what…

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Garden Flowers Familiar to Generations

Garden flowers familiar to generations - We all love garden annuals like lobelia and asters in the summer garden. Such annuals, and many like them, have been part of our flower gardens for centuries. Why is it that every garden…

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When Annuals Lost Their Appeal

When annuals lost their appeal - From the mid nineteenth century England encouraged gardening with beds of annuals. The arrival of glorious summer plants from warmer climates like Africa, Asia, and South America had encouraged that fashion. In the 1870s however…

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