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Nineteenth-Century Orchidmania

Certain plants just have a bigger following than others. Perhpas it's shape, color, blossom time or all three of these features that make us seek out and cultivate a particular flower. In the history of gardening the orchid has maintained…

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Nineteenth Century Chrysanthemum Rage

How well I remember the Smith College annual Fall Chrysanthemum Show in Northampton, Massachusetts. It runs for a few weeks in November. The show is certainly worth a visit.  The number of plants in various arrangements and the colors of the flower…

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Plant Hunter Robert Fortune

Recently my sister on the West coast has begun container gardening with hostas. She has several varieties of hostas, each in a container. I gave her the beautiful Hosta 'Liberty' [above] for her birthday. I grew it in my garden…

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Welcome to the Poison Garden

Northeast of London in the heart of Northumberland you will find Alnwick Castle. The castle dates back to 1750. Over the past few years the owner, the Duchess of Northumberland, has restored the gardens of the Castle, at the request…

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