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Halloween Pumpkins Filled with Succulents

Halloween pumpkins filled with succulents - A few days ago I visited the nursery Avant Gardens in the southeastern Massachusetts town of North Dartmouth, near Fall River. In the greenhouse there I found this beautiful succulent called Kalanshoe thyrsiflora. [below]…

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In Search of a Blue Dahlia

In search of a blue dahlia - I have often heard that there is no blue dahlia. Last year I planted a blue dahlia I bought at the market Stop and Shop. The bright photo on the front of the…

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Darwin’s Research on Earthworms

Darwin's research on earthworms - All gardeners treasure the soil, or at least try to do so. Both the goal and the reward as you can see from this photo is wonderful, healthy soil. Photo by Kyle Ellefson on Unsplash One way to…

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Darwin Studied Climbing Plants

Darwin studied climbing plants - English scientist Charles Darwin (1808-1882) was able to see a oneness in nature. For many years that idea motivated both his research and his writing. He likened climbing plants to animals according to James T.…

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