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Never Enough about Benefits of Gardening

We gardeners love the benefits of gardening. Many rewards come our way. A customer, D. V. D. from San Francisco, once wrote to nineteenth century horticulturist James Vick (1818-1882) who owned a large seed company in Rochester, New York. In…

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Garden as Tapestry

Are you a plant collector? Or is your garden based on a strict landscape design that you cannot disturb by adding plants, willy, nilly? However you garden, you need to select the plants. The plants can come from anywhere. When…

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No Garden without Nasturtiums

I recently ordered five packets of nasturtium seeds. The varieties are both the climbing or spreading variety and the clumping kind of flowers. Every garden needs to have nasturtiurms. The main reason is they are so easy to grow. No…

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