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Resource for Native Plants

Everybody talks about the need to grow native plants in the garden. Even seed company owner James Vick (1818-1882) in the nineteenth century encouraged his customers, spread across the country, to grow native plants. He loved and encouraged gardeners to…

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Gardener Poet Robert Knox

The French philosopher Michel Foucault once said, "The garden is the smallest part of the world and the whole world at the same time." The garden teaches, supports, disappoints, surprises, and gives us pleasure at various times. For some the…

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Thorburn Visits Loudon in England

John Claudius Loudon (1783-1843) was the garden writer and landscaper who opened the door for nineteenth-century middle class England to the joys of gardening. He encouraged gardening for everyone, not just the aristocrat. On a trip to London New York…

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In Search of Better Annuals

When you plan a flower garden, which you might be doing about this time, remember that annuals are essential. Annuals will provide continuing flowers for the garden til the fall if you choose your varieties carefully. When perennials have gone…

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