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Hybridyzing Created High Expectations

Hybridizing became popular in the nineteenth century, especially when growers sought new plants for the garden. There was a side effect however. Horticulturist Lawrence Griffith in his book Flowers and Herbs of Early America makes the point that because of…

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Soft Stem Cuttings Provide Colorful Plants

In 1878 James Vick, nineteenth century seed merchant, in his garden magazine Vick's Illustrated Monthly mentioned cuttings as a way to propagate a plant. He said, "The most rapid method of propagating this plant [Dracaena congesta] is by cuttings of…

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Field of Sunflowers

Our native sunflower is one of my favorite flowers. It comprises the genus Helianthus, which contains about 60 species, including our popular H. Annuus that belong to the family Compositae. When I heard about a local field of sunflowers I…

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