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When Women Became Their Own Gardener

When women became their own gardener - Working in the garden demands various tasks, including digging and raking. Let us not forget of course weeding, deadheading, and pruning. We all know that the person who performs gardening tasks could be…

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Ordering Dalia Tubers

Ordering dahlia tubers - Right now I am receiving garden catalogs, many with dahlias to sell. In the past I have searched both on-line sources and catalogs to find a particular dahlia tuber that I wanted to plant. Often no…

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Can Amaryllis Bloom Again?

Can amaryllis bloom again? It’s holiday time and for many that means amaryllis as a gift plant. Many gardeners as well as non-gardeners love to grow amaryllis. I counted myself in the former group.  That is, until I thought it…

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