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Allegiance to the Lawn

It is that time of year when homeowners once again stress out about the lawn.

Are you one of them?

You ask yourself ‘What do I need to do for my lawn?’ and ‘ When do I do it?’

We have fretted over the lawn for centuries. We have the English to thank.

The lawn became an essential component of the English landscape from the mid eighteenth century, when the landscape designer Capability Brown traveled the roads of England to advise the owners of large estates on how they might cover the land around the house in grass.

America soon replicated that lawn as essential in the home lanscape.

Thomas Meehan (1826-1901) was born in London and trained at Kew as a gardener.

He came to America after graduation.

After arriving in the US, Meehan worked for the horticulturist and seed comapny owner Robert Buist, in the Philadelphia area.

Meehan published his own popular magazine Gardener’s Monthly.

In the June 1860 issue of GM Meehan wrote the following:

“The rarest flowers – the choicest fruits – the nicest arrangement of all things on the most scientific principles, are lost to us, if they are not crowned by a perfect lawn.

“To the lawn we bow; and as a subject of horticulture, offer to the lawn our strongest allegiance.”

And we still cultivate a lawn. [Thanks to Wikipedia]
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