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After 100 Years This Lawn Remains the Same

Recently I came across a catalog from Boston’s W. W. Rawson Seed Company for 1901.

An ad in the catalog listed Rawson’s Arlington Grass Seed as one of the items for  sale. The ad included a photo of a lawn in Wollaston, Massachusetts. [below]

Since the house in Wollaston on Grand View Avenue was not far away, I drove over and discovered the lawn had not changed in over a hundred years.

Here is the image from the seed catalog:

The lawn photo in the 1901 Rawson catalog
The lawn photo in the 1901 Rawson catalog

Here is the way the lawn looks today from the photo I took:

The same lawn today.
The same lawn today.

Not much different, is it?

Now you can see how long the lawn has been part of our landscape experience.  In 1901 homeowners needed a lawn because the Rawson Seed Company catalog illustrated its importance for a home landscape.

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