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A Hanging Plant on the Shed Wall Suprised Me

Right now I am reading an original edition of the 1901 book Old Time Gardens by Alice Morse Earle.  She writes about the joys of gardening,especially traditional forms of the garden, beginning in the colonial period.

A line she wrote really hit me : “In the garden’s story, there are ever a few pictures which stand out with startling distinctness.”

Below is such a picture.  Though the quality of the photo might be better,  its content speaks to the story of gardening.

This past spring I once again went on my annual hunt for a blue hanging plant that for the summer could take the shady area on my shed’s wall.

I chose a winner.

This past week I still found it blooming.

The plant is a Torenia, Summer Wave, with its large violet flowers.

It is one of Proven Winners varieties that’s true to its name: a winner.

Torenia blooming on the planter attached to the garden shed wall

The flowers took a while to start.

Once they started I had non-stop blooms.

What’s strange about this is that the spot on the shed is quite shady, but nonetheless this plant came through for me.

This is one happy gardener.


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  1. A lovely plant, although I am not familiar. It reminds me of the perennial Geranium Rozanne whichI have recently added to my palette. I will look up Torenia.

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