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Marketing Sells a Dream

I remember the high doors of the old men’s clothier Louis of Boston on Berkeley Street, at the corner of Boylston, an exclusive store in a building dating to 1863.

Now the building has become the new home for RH, the current name of Restoration Hardware.  RH used to have a home on Newbury Street.  I visited that store a few times.

The Boston Globe ran a story this week about the new RH.  The title of the story was “Fantasy in Furniture.”  The subtitle read: “In its opulent new Back Bay setting, RH sells dreams along with doorknobs.”

RH logoThe article describes the new design of the three floors, including a 24-foot illuminated steel Eiffel Tower replica.

The title on the next page for the conclusion of the article read: “RH sells fantasy along with furniture.”

Here is a new store selling home furnishings but also hopes and dreams.

That is how marketing works.

The product opens a world of  dreams for the consumer.

Late nineteenth century garden marketers also sold American gardeners a dream.

They could have a garden like the one on the cover of the seed catalog.

We’ve been believers ever since, in search of that dream garden.

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