English Cottage Gardens in America

This cottage-style garden pathway shows plants leaning over toward the walkway, which Hensel describes as an important characteristic of the English cottage garden.

Americans love the English cottage garden.

Margaret Hensel in her book English Cottage Gardening says, “Over the years I have discovered dozens of the most wonderful cottage gardens here in the United States, every sort from tiny dooryards on Martha’s Vineyard on Cape Cod to Midwestern back yards and San Francisco terraces.”

This summer the garden magazine Horticulture included an article “Cottage Courageous”  about what plants to include in a cottage garden. The article said, “Creative plant choices make a cottage garden possible no matter the climate.”

The English cottage garden offers a quaintness,  a carefree characteristic, and plant variety.

What plants do you see as a must-have for a cottage garden?



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